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Glossary of Terms

These casinos terms have been compiled to help you to understand a bit more of the lingo used in casinos around the world. Hopefully these can help you to sound more like a pro the next time your talking about your casino experiences.

BankrollGeneral – The amount of money that you are using to play in the game with.

BluffPoker – Raising a weak or worthless hand to try and drive the other players out of the game.

Burn CardPoker – The card that is removed from the deck before dealing a card to the community cards.

Card CountingBlackjack – Trying to keep track of the cards in a deck to approximate the probability of certain cards coming out.

CompsGeneral – These are either complimentary gifts given to players or comp points that are given to players when they play more at that casino.

Even MoneyGeneral – A bet that will pay you back the same money that you wagered.

Face cardsGeneral – The Jack, Queen and King in the deck of cards.

FlushPoker – A poker hand that consists of five cards all-of-the same suit.

Full HousePoker – A poker hand that consists of a three-of-a-kind and a pair.

High RollerGeneral – A player that bets bit and either wins or looses big.

HitBlackjack – To get another card from the dealer to add to your hand.

InsuranceBlackjack – To place a side bet that will result in the player being even if the dealer has Blackjack.

JackpotSlots – A large prize given for winning on a certain special game or combination of symbols.

LooseSlots – A loose machine is one that is paying out at a higher percentage then other machines.

Pay LineSlots – A line of symbols on which the winning symbols must line up to win.

PointCraps – The starting number for the craps game that they player must roll again before that player sevens-out.

ProgressiveSlots – A jackpot that has money added to it the more that people play on the selected machines.

SessionGeneral – Any time that is spent playing the games at the casinos.