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Cheating in the game of Roulette

Cheating in the game of Roulette

Roulette is one of those games at the casino that can hold a player on the edge of their seat in anticipation of either a winning or a losing card. In order to have an edge and a fighting chance in this game, you will need to utilize a strategy with a con artist which will propel you to become a winner at Roulette. All of the ways of cheating we will discuss in this article is illegal in the game of roulette.

Roulette is different from a game of blackjack because in Blackjack the player has the option of getting the upper hand by using a simple method of observation. Often referred to as Card counting (also known as card reading), this is a common strategy used to allow players to bet more with less risk. Card counting involves keeping a running tally of all the high cards which are all worth ten points (tens, kings, queens, jacks) and low cards. The player is meant to consciously notice these patterns. Card counting essentially involves acquiring a sufficient count on the number.

Counting cards is very specific in the sense that if a ten had been played from a pack then it can’t appear in the hand that comes after. In roulette however, the outcome of one spin has no affect on another spin so card counting will not work in roulette.

Counting cards isn’t illegal but the casino in question has the right to stop the offender in his\her tracks. A casino is a business that needs to make money first and foremost so they have the right to refuse service to anyone if they feel that they are infringing on their policies.

Counting in blackjack can’t be proving in the court of law. However, in a game of roulette there are some other cheating methods we will discuss below that are very obvious and can land you in court very easily. As mentioned, these are illegal ways to cheat in casino roulette.

Wheel Gaffing

This is very risky and illegal in all casinos except in cruise ships where there are no gambling laws. If you use wheel gaffing on the roulette wheel so the ball bounces in specific areas, you will make money very fast. Casino con artists have devised a method where they can make the ball ounce in specific areas to by loosening certain parts of the roulette wheel thereby making the ball bounce less in certain areas. A casino has ways of detecting this if they have accumulated data of over one thousand spins. make the outcome of the spin easily predictable.

Wheel gaffing can offer great results but land you in prison for up to 10 years depending on the severity of your crimes. However, you will not make it that far because the cameras in casinos are everywhere and you will be caught using this method. Therefore, this is highly not recommended.

Strategic Magnetics

This is very difficult to do without getting caught. Using magnetic balls would allow the player to win consistently. This would have to involve the placement of a magnet under the compartment of the roulette wheel which would be very difficult to do without getting caught; casinos have sensors and cameras as security measures to avoid things like this from happening.

When you modify the roulette wheel there are many risks in attempting it. The illegal methods of defeating the system in roulette is not recommended. There are alternatives however.
A method known as “wheel clocking” is a legal method used in Roulette to give you an upper edge over everyone else. This will require some discipline, intelligence and awareness. The player uses an electronic device which stores data that allows the player to project the spin.

Cheating in Roulette; the online route

Gamblers with a large sum of skills can not only cheat in physical brick and mortar stores but also in online casinos. It’s difficult to pull off but not impossible. This will not work in casinos that use a random number generator (RNG), which is basically a computer.

This is difficult but you con artists have the option to cheat in online virtual roulette if and only if a real wheel is used. With the RNG slot machine, a real computer wasn’t used; it is just a computer algorithm. The way to do this is in imploying the use of what’s called ‘late betting’. Late betting also known as past posting is basically making a bet after all bets have been made.

Casinos protect themselves from con-artists

Whenever you walk into a casino, if you are observant you will see cameras everywhere. There are cameras in every casino; even in slot machines. To prevent you from cheating or to catch cheaters these cameras need to be placed strategically along with the sensors in the casino. If you cheat in a casino it is punishable by law in every state by up to 10 years imprisonment and higher.

It’s far more difficult to cheat in casino today that it would have been in the past. For example, fake coins were created by con artists to rig slot machines but now that coin operated slot machines are almost nonexistent this doesn’t happen as much anymore.

Cheating in a brick and mortar is easier than an online casino. If the con artist is skilled and can find an employee in the casino to back him and potentially disable strategic cameras in the casino then it is possible.

Online casinos also have a way of protecting themselves by using a third-party auditor who is in charge of authenticating all software being used.Casino companies are very serious about security and therefore auditors will almost certainly catch you in the act of online cheating.

Moral of the Story

It is possible to cheat at roulette if you are skilled and you have a talented accomplice by your side but this is never a smart idea and it is very difficult to accomplish. First you would have to disable the security cameras, then you will need to disable the sensors in the casino after which you will need to subvert everyone’s attention so you can sneakily adjust the roulette wheel. I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying that it’s extremely difficult and will require a lot of coordination.

Beware of scammers that claim they have a guaranteed system to cheat in roulette; if this was the case they would not simply share their system for all eyes to see because Casinos will quickly adapt and change to avoid major losses. Getting involved in con artist schemes will end badly for you.

The moral of the story is this: that no matter what, cheating in a casino is not something that is ever recommended because it can land you in years of jail time all for just for some paper that you will lose anyways once you get caught by the officials.