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Casino Guide


This guide will help you out in the casino whether it is your first time or you need some guidance. There are many games to play at the casino with different rules and difficulty.


Fewer decks means it is easier to play with. The odds will be better, and you will have less cards to count. Forget insurance, save your money and prepare for a loss instead. You should ask for even money than take a risk on a blackjack. You can still get a 1:1 payout which is better than a higher win.

Video Poker

Check the payout schedule first. Each casino will have a different type of game. Review the payout schedule as you could end up with a loss as you may think you were going to get a higher payout. Play with maximum credits allowed, it could result in a Royal Flush win. Throw a small pair, it could mean a higher reward.

Casino War

Never go to war you will always loose. If you put down a $10 bet the dealer will take it and if you win you will get $20 but half that was already yours in the first place. Casinos will tell you that the rate is 3:2 but in reality it is much less. You are better off saving your money.


Choose European Roulette instead of American. It has one zero instead of two, your odds will be increased. Play from the outside first especially if you are a beginner as your odds will be increased to 50/50. It is the closest thing at a casino you can get to an even chance for a win. When playing the inside you should stick to it as it can become confusing to alternate between inside and outside. Some casinos have different coloured chips for each type of bet and if the table is crowded you may get confused.


Make sure you read the rules first, every game is different. You can win the jackpot with one playline in some games but others you will need them all to win. You may have to bet the maximum to be able to play the bonus rounds. Play the maximum lines always and just reduce your bet to cover it if you are short on funds. This will mean you won’t miss out on the jackpot or winning combinations. Do not play on autoplay although you may win faster, if you have a limited amount of cash it is better to be slow.